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Driving School Dromana

Are you ready to learn how to drive? You are at the right place! Our experienced driving instructors in Dromana are dedicated to accompanying you as you learn at your pace. At READY 2 GO, we appreciate that everyone is different. So, we have designed a patient and friendly approach that can take our learners in Dromana onto the road safely. Together, we will build up your confidence and knowledge behind the wheel, so you are ready to take the road.  

At READY 2 GO, we put your needs as a learner first. We make sure the experience of driving is as enjoyable and achievable as possible for each of our learners. Our instructors are fully committed to bringing your life skills to the next levels with our driving school in Dromana.

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Driving School Dromana

Please either call us on +61 419 302 977 or use the form below to book your driving lesson.

Driving lessons in Dromana that put you in the driver’s seat!

1. Tailored to Your Needs

Regardless of your driving experience, your age, your background, or your confidence on the road, we, at READY 2 GO, create the most relevant lesson plan for your needs. Everybody is different! Some learners may need more time getting used to the vehicle, while others are naturally confident at the steering wheel.

We adapt our lessons to put you in the best position to pass your driving test first time, whether you’re a teenager excited to drive alone or a licence holder who wants to refresh their knowledge before hitting the road after a long break.

2. An Affordable Price

We offer a combination of one-hour driving lessons and packages, all at realistic and affordable prices. Each single one-hour lesson is priced at $70. Alternatively, you can view our pricing page here or call us to discuss our range of packages and highly competitive test fees.

At READY 2 GO, we understand that learning to drive can be an expensive undertaking, so let’s work together to build a program that suits your budget.

3. Pass your test with flying colours

You want to get on with your day-to-day life with a car as soon as possible. That’s why our READY 2 GO instructors in Dromana prepare you for all the possible scenarios you could face on the road. We have extensive knowledge of what to expect at the test. Our team takes you for the VicRoads driving tests. You can also boost your confidence by taking a mock test first with our instructors. 

READY 2 GO students learn everything they need to become safe, attentive, and confident drivers on the road. You can face questions about road rules, parking, hazard perception, night driving, vehicle control, and defensive driving without fear. We also make sure you feel ready for your test. That’s why our instructors in Dromana update you extensively on your learning progress with constructive advice to encourage you to improve your technique.

4. Budget-friendly driving lessons

With single one-hour lessons priced at $55, we’ve set realistic and affordable prices for our students. We’ve developed our pricing with Victoria learners in mind, as learners under the age of 21 are required to complete a minimum of supervised 120 hours in driving before they can take their test.

A lot of drivers combine supervision from friends and family with professional supervision from driving instructors to accumulate driving hours quickly. Our driving package ensures you don’t need to compromise on quality advice and monitoring as we work with you to create a plan that meets your needs and budget.

5. Automatic and manual vehicles

Would you rather drive an automatic or a manual vehicle? Can’t choose? No problem! We appreciate that new drivers can find it tricky to figure out which option is best for them. We’ve got both automatic and manual vehicles. We are happy to incorporate both types as part of your driving lessons in Dromana or to focus on the one you’re more comfortable with. 

All our cars are fitted with the necessary set of controls driving instructors need so you can learn safely and confidently in any vehicle.

6. Supervised by experts

All our driving instructors at READY 2 GO are fully accredited and experienced. Regardless of your situation and driving challenges, you can rest assured that we are prepared to help you take the road safely. We put our passion for a safe and friendly driving environment at your service to give you all the tools you need in a car.

Some of our past students passing their tests!


No costly errors during your drive test!

Our driving instructors at READY 2 GO have helped over 100 students obtain their driving licenses successfully since 2012. 

We’ve achieved our enviable passing rate by ensuring you are best prepared to avoid costly errors that could terminate your test. 

Together we work on avoiding mistakes, such as critical errors that don’t put anyone at risk but can fail your test if you make more than two during the test. These includes: 

  • Stalling the car
  • Making contact with the kerb while parking
  • Not respecting a stop sign
  • Driving too slowly
  • Blocking a pedestrian from crossing

We also give you the confidence to be attentive behind the steering wheel and not fall into the trap of dangerous termination errors that puts others at risk on the road.

What to expect from a driving test in Dromana?

Testing officers assess your ability to demonstrate a safe driving approach in a variety of traffic conditions. Our instructors can help you learn in different areas in Dromana, focusing on straightforward routes to navigate as you start and then moving on to challenging areas such as tricky intersections or rush-hour traffic, for instance.

During the test, your driving will be assessed based on many factors, including: 

  • Parking abilities
  • Stop position
  • Use of signal
  • Ability to adapt speed to different environments
  • Observation of the road and traffic rules
  • Safe following distance

Book your lesson at Ready2Go’s Driving School Dromana

Want to start or restart your driving journey? Reach out to our experienced and friendly driving instructors to book your first lesson in Dromana. We are available for lessons from Monday to Saturday, from 7 AM to 7 PM. You can also ask for night-time driving lessons to help you get used to the challenges of driving in the dark. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a pick-up & drop-off option?

Yes, our READY 2 Go instructors can pick you and drop you at convenient locations.

I am a new learner. How many lessons do I need?

Learners with no driving experience typically need 16 to 20 lessons to get ready for a test. If you already have some driving experience, we estimate that most supervised learners need 8 to 12 lessons. But ultimately, how many you’ll need will depend on your unique experience.


Can I use my own car?

Ideally, we’d recommend using a vehicle that is pre-fitted with dual controls. However, we can also discuss the possibility of using your vehicle.

Book your driving lesson in Dromana today.